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servsquad-logo Roof Leaks? Servsquad (205)807-8370 is the proven leader among all Birmingham Roofers. Our trained technicians are not only certified as roofing inspectors but are certified by the IICRC as Water damage professionals. Most roofing company’s are not certified in a single trade, much less in multiple trades. Water can be tricky and it is important to detect the leak quickly and the most cost effectively. If care is not taken more damage can be done than help. It makes sense to hire the most qualified for the same amount or less money. Servsquad technicians are some of the most qualified in the industry. Trust your roof to the best.

Roof leaks are sometimes difficult to detect due to the water traveling down walls, pipes, etc. This is where a Servsquad technician will rise above the competition resulting in dramatic savings passed along to the consumer. The Servsquad motto is ” Nobody does it better for less. Save a wad. Call the squad.”. These are words we take seriously and the entire Servsquad team is very passionate in what we do. Call today(205)807-8370 and discover the Servsquad Difference.


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