Servsquad is the leader in Tree Removal Service in Birmingham Alabama Birmingham Tree Service (205)807-8370 is central Alabama’s best tree removal service. We realize there is much need for tree service’s throughout the state of Alabama due to the recent tornado’s. has certified arborists on staff to help with hazardous tree removal from homes, building, and structures. It is important to hire a certified arborist when having tree work done because arborists are trained in safety, and consider the long term health effects of trees. Arborists are trained how to properly remove and trim trees without causing any future damages to the trees. has crane services available to remove fallen trees on structures, homes, etc. We have good working relationships with all insurance companies. When selecting a tree removal service insist on dealing with a certified arborist. Please call at (205)807-8370 and deal with a certified arborist for your tree services.servsquad-bc-front1


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